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Our powder coating technology has three main work processes:


There are several methods for pre-treating the surface before powder coating. The method we use depends on the size of the product, the level of contamination, the level of potential corrosion of the finished product and the volume of production. The priority of all requirements on the surface is to be absolutely oil and dust free. This can be achieved with simple scouring or enhanced with phosphating.   Read more...

Powder coating:

The electrostatic painting is suitable first of all for painting of steel and aluminium pieces. This consist of three steps: pre-treatment, powder coating and baking.   Read more...


Layer-thickness measuring as a basic measuring used for every kind of painting. Checking the thickness of the powder paint is a basic requirement before every mechanical tests, this raises its importance. Monitoring of layer thickness has an importance from economical view as well. Excessive thickness doesn't improve the durability of the surface, but makes costs definitely higher.   Read more...

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